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Business Development Manager

Primary Location: Beijing, China
Job Type: Experienced Hire
Job Description
The Business Development Manager will play the key role in the expansion in China. The ultimate responsibility is to expand the market and contact with our potential customers to promote cooperation by offering customized solutions as customers’ requirements. Meanwhile, organizing cooperation channel negotiation and optimizing partnership continuously, collecting and reporting the market trend information, as well as improving existing accounts management.

1. Bachelor degree, with 2+ years of experience with technician or BD.
2. Excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills and negotiation ability.
3. Direct experience with Consumer Electronics BD preferred.

FAE (Field Application Engineer)

Primary Location: Beijing, China
Job Type: Experienced Hire
Job Description
FAE could get the first-hand customer needs and identify the potential cooperation opportunities while offering technical supports, such as Chip & Module selection consultant and relevant technical presentations. At the same time, coordinating the Sales Dept. and R&D Dept. to implement customer’s needs.       

1. Bachelor degree, with 2+ years experience of R&D and technical support, chip or relevant solutions support preferred.
2. Solid foundation in software technology, digital and analog circuit, circuit analysis, communication principle, etc
3. Good communication skills, strong ability to analyze and solve problems.
4. Good document writing ability, such as for development design, analysis report and ppt etc..
5. Strong service consciousness and high sense of responsibility
6. Willing to work for company with the long-term development

Electronic Engineer / Hardware Engineer

Primary Location: Beijing, China
Job Type: Experienced Hire
Job Description
You will be part of the R&D Division and work directly with and support Structural Engineers. Position requires you could make PCB design, draw and verify.

1. Skilled performance with EDA design software , such as Altium designer , allegro or pads.
2. Familiarity with PCB design and debugging, and good communication skills.
3. Direct experience with Consumer Audio Electronics, Signal Integrity and EMC design, FPGA/DSP design or Bluetooth Audio would be preferred.

Structural Engineer 

Job Description

1. According to ID design and project requirements to complete product 3D structural design, including product appearance, process, structure and other aspects of the design and production.
2. Contact suppliers, improve communication and production process, evaluate mass productivity.
3. Continuously optimize products and control costs
4. Draw complete drawings, prepare specifications and process documents
1. Good skills with creo(pro/e) and AutoCAD, and related drawing software, skilled in software  operation and definiting the inspection standards.
2. Analyze and evaluate the reliability of the product structure and the convenience of operation, propose an effective improvement plan for the product structure and process, and can complete the design independently.
3. Direct experience with headphone 3D structure design preferred
4. Short-term travel needed.

Bluetooth Headphone Engineer 

Job Description

1. Intelligent hardware project Bluetooth solution integration and product development
2. Bluetooth module design, including hardware and software interfaces, protocol interface design
3. Bluetooth project technical support (technical communication and training, technical program writing, system joint debugging and testing, etc.)
4. Bluetooth protocol related issues analysis and positioning
1. Bachelor degree or above in software development, 3+ years Bluetooth related
2. Familiar with Bluetooth protocol, Bluetooth architecture, Bluetooth Core Spec 4.0/4.1 and Profile, experience in protocol stack development.
3. Understand the mainstream Bluetooth chip platform and development in the market, such as CSR/Broadcom/Nrdic
4. Proficient in communication principles and has a certain understanding of underlying logic such as the Bluetooth link layer
5. Good literacy in English preferred

Embedded Software Engineer 
Job Description

1. Cooperate with hardware engineers to complete product design
2. Design, develop and maintain product application software according to product definition
3. Participate in the formulation of product testing programs and complete the preparation of test software
4. Responsible for writing the development, testing process related documents and product manuals and other documents
1. Bachelor degree in Computer science, electronics, automation, mechanical electronics, communications related, and 2+ years work experience for full-time
2. Good skills with embedded C language development and ARM architecture
3. Experience with MCU project development, familiar with UART, I2C, SPI, I2S and other protocols interface development
4. Read in English, make related driver development as chip’s data sheet
5. Ability to independently complete design and development tasks,  experience with hardware development and debugging preferred.

Acoustic Engineer
Job Description

1. Acoustic test development and verification of headphone electronic products. Based on the product specifications, design specifications, target specifications and samples, give the proposal of acoustic test and verification scheme. 
2. Product sound quality design, test and output report
3. Analysis of acoustic properties of products and acoustic testing of samples and responsibility for completing relevant analysis reports and test results reports
4. ANC Performance Development and Test Verification and Improvement
5. Assist production line engineers to complete mass production of headphones
1. Bachelor degree, 3+ years experience with Acoustics, headphone design, familiar with electroacoustic parameter measurement and sound adjustment
2. Proficient in the use of B&K, soundcheck and other electroacoustic testing software
3. Familiar with common headphone performance indicators, test methods, acoustic performance analysis and results determination
4. Independent communication with customers, ANC headphone development experience is preferred

Headphone Project Development Manager
1. Bachelor degree or above in Acoustics or Electronic related major, 3+ years experience with headphone design, development and manufacturing process 
2. Familiar with electroacoustic parameter measurement and mold production process
3. Proficient in the use of electroacoustic equipment, establishing curve standards and batch acceptance criteria
4. Experienced with ANC headphone electronic system, structure and DFM, as well as Sound Quality debugging and drawing curve for earbuds and in-ear headphone
5. Have good communication skills, manage the progress of the project, and independently follow up the progress in headset development

Sales Manager
Job Description

1. Develop target customers (familiar with headset manufacturers' priority) and promote noise reduction business operations
2. Conduct internal and external communications based on customer needs to help partners develop noise-based business systems
3. Establishment and improvement of business processes
4. Develop long-term strategic partner and ensure customer satisfaction
1. Master degree or above in Automatic Control, Signal Processing, Electronics and Computer Engineering
2. Familiar with various classical optimization algorithms and heuristic optimization algorithms to understand the computational complexity of P/NP and algorithms
3. Understand the basic principles of ANC
4. Strong reading ability in English literature to track the latest technical literature
5. Good at Teamwork